Let’s hope these guys are wearing their brown pants.

Let’s hope all these guys are wearing their executive-ing, producing, directing, acting, rigging, lighting, booming and marketing pants and get this movie made.

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questions of sex and gender explored on tumblr dot com

This entire post is golden

it has returned.

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I went to Comic-Con this year! 

The first photo was taken at one of the Nerd HQ afterparties. The second is a commission I had done by the awesome Brian Buccellato. It’s an amalgam of Zatanna/Gambit! The third photo is me on my 2nd day there, simply dressed as Clark Kent =)

It was AWESOME. I’m definitely planning on going next year and can’t wait!

I went solo this year, but I’m definitely looking for friends to go with next year. I’d really like to be able to split a hotel close to the convention center (close enough to be able to drop off our bags/things so we don’t have to carry them around to afterparties) and have someone to see panels with/eat with/just be with and help each other by waiting in line while the other person gets a comic/something signed by a writer/artist/actor that they really like e.t.c…. I learned it’d really help to have a good friend there



A Painting Made From Pieces of Glass

Holy. Balls.



A Painting Made From Pieces of Glass


Holy. Balls.

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It’s muh birthday. Treat yo’ self!

It’s muh birthday. Treat yo’ self!

Frickin’ sweet.
Full story:  http://www.grindtv.com/outdoor/nature/post/how-yoga-could-save-a-1500-pound-manta-ray/

I Believe - Basic Vacation

Been listening to this song since the end of last Summer. Pretty sure it’ll be big THIS Summer.

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Rapidly Growing Global Business

American Apparel operates largest garment factory in the U.S. We are vertically integrated, eliminating the use of sewing subcontractors and offshore labor. Our first retail store opened in 2003, we now have over 250 stores worldwide in 19 countries.

"And we continue to grow, even as we exclude those above a size 12 (14 if they don’t mind losing circulation), indulge our CEO who treats employees as personal sex puppets, and write stupid slogans on shirts and pants. Yes, ladies and gentleman, we’re just like the majority of stores like us."